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Heavy Haul of Fame

In 1998 the IHHA Board of Directors established a procedure to recognize outstanding people who through their dedicated efforts had advanced heavy haul rail operations and technology. The purpose of establishing a Heavy Haul of Fame is to publicly recognize eminent and dedicated persons who have contributed significantly to the pursuit of excellence in the fields of engineering, operations, and management of heavy haul railways.

For an individual to be considered for election into the Heavy Haul of Fame that person must meet or exceed the following criteria:

  • A minimum of ten (10) years active involvement in the heavy haul railway industry.
  • A significant contribution to the development by either theory or practice, to heavy haul railway engineering, operations or management.
  • A general recognition by their peers of having in-depth knowledge of heavy haul issues and a willingness to share this knowledge and experience.
  • Leadership and visionary attributes.
  • Outstanding professional and personal character.


Election to the Heavy Haul of Fame is made at the Annual Board of Directors Meeting and the Award Presentation is made at the next IHHA Conference or STS meeting.

The Directors of the IHHA hold the Heavy Haul of Fame recognition as the highest honor it can bestow upon an individual who has been outstanding in the heavy haul railway industry. The IHHA Directors sincerely believe a single individual can make a significant difference and it is appropriate to publicly recognize these accomplishments.

Recipients of the Heavy Haul of Fame Award

Bill Harris and Braam le Roux

In 1999 at the STS meetings in Moscow, Russia the first two Heavy Haul of Fame Awards were presented to William J.

Steve Marich and John German

It was not until the 2003 STS meetings in Dallas, Texas that the board of Directors elected another two individuals to the Heavy Haul of Fame. The Board unanimously elected John G. German and Steven Marich to the Heavy Haul of Fame. Once again these two individuals made significant contributions to advancing heavy haul operations in their respective countries which benefited heavy haul operations through the world.

Joseph Kalousek

Joseph was inducted into the Heavy Haul of Fame at the IHHA Conference in Calgary, Canada in June 2011. He emigrated from Czechoslovakia to Canada in the 1960’s. He acquired his PhD in Canada and joined the Canadian Pacific’s Research Department.

Pierre Christo Lombard

Pierre Christo Lombard was inducted into the Heavy Haul of Fame at the 2011 Conference in Calgary, Canada. He is presently Programme Manager, Chair in Railway Engineering, University of Pretoria and Consulting Engineer.

Harry Tournay

Harry was inducted to the Haul of Fame at the 8th IHHA conference in Rio de Janeiro in 2005.

Dan Stone

In 2007, at the STS held in Kiruna, Sweden, Dan Stone was elected to the Heavy Haul of Fame.

Geng Zhixiu

Mr. Geng Zhixiu was elected to the Haul of Fame at the 9th IHHA conference held June 22-24, 2009 in Shanghai, China.