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Board Members


Australia (Western Australia Iron Ore Lines)
IHHA Director:
Shaun Robertson
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Principal Advisor – Rail
Rio Tinto
123 Albert Street, Brisbane, Queensland 4000 Australia
Mobile: +61 (0) 407 299 847
Email: [email protected]  

Mr. Robertson has worked across the mining industry in Australia for Rio Tinto for over a decade.  Initially on the East Coast with the Aluminium group in various Process Engineering and Project Management roles before moving to Perth to join Rio Tinto’s Iron Ore group where he joined the Rail division.  Shaun ran the centralised production planning, scheduling and execution function of the Pilbara heavy haul network from the remote operations centre and train control in Perth. 

Shaun is currently Principal Advisor Rail for the Rio Tinto group providing, productivity, technical and strategic support to Rio’s various Rail operations around the world. 

IHHA Director:
Michael Phillips
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Manager AM, Technical Excellence, Asset Management
Rio Tinto
Central Park St. George’s Terrace, Perth 6000 Australia 
Mobile: +61 (0) 477 332 041
Email: [email protected]

Australia (Eastern Australian Heavy Haul Lines)
IHHA Director:
Mark B. Kirkpatrick, MSc.

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General Manager Network Operations
320 Murray Street, Rockhampton, Queensland 4700, Australia
Tel: +61 (0) 457 717 681
Email: [email protected]

Mr. Kirkpatrick is a seasoned railway executive with international experience across four seperate railways having worked in Switzerland, Canada, the USA, and Australia over the past 20 years.    Mark commenced his rail career in 1996, initially managing rail yards and termainals with Canadian Pacific.   Since then he has held a number of key management positions across the discplines of Yard Operations, Service Design, Transportation, Engineering, Network Control, as well as time in Finance, Sales and Marketing, and IT.   

Mark is currently the General Manager of Network Operations for Aurizon's Central Queensland Coal Network with responsibilities for all operations and maintenance for Australia's largest coal below rail network.

Mark has served with the IHHA as a director since 2017 and currently lives in Brisbane, Australia. 

IHHA Director:
Edilson Jun Kina (VALE)
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Gerencia Geral de Desenvolvinento
eServicos Tecnicos Ferroviariosl
Av. Dante de Michelini
5500 29090 Vitoria ES Brasil
Tel: +55 27 3333 3643
Mobile: +55 27 8817 6572
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

Jun Kina is an engineer with Vale, where works with wagon developments and standards definitions for Vitoria Minas and Carajás Railroads, that are part of Vale´s iron ore logistic system. In the past three years, Edilson has also been involved with the wheel rail contact improvement program of these railroads, which includes the technical leadership of a joint project with Brazilian Universities to develop specific railroad technical knowledge.

He has been with Vale since 1993, where he has already held various positions, such as wheelshop supervisor and rolling stock engineering manager. During this time, he also became involved with some of Vale's other international projects in China, Australia, Mozambique and Argentina.

IHHA Director:
Ronaldo Costa (MRS Logistica S.A.)
Photo Coming Soon Avenida Conceicao do Para S/N
Boa Vista
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais
Brasil, 31.060 090
Tel: +55 31 3489 6709
Mobile: +55 31 98461 6879
Email: [email protected]
IHHA Director:
Ma Fuhai
Ma Fuhai Secretary General CRS
China Railway Society (CRS)
No. 10 Fuxing Road, Haidian District
Beijing, China, 100844
Tel: +86 10 51841691
Fax: +86 10 51847402
Email: [email protected]



Taking office in July 2015 as vice Chairman and Secretary General, CRS, aligned with the overall goal of railway reform and development, Mr. Ma has made significant breakthroughs and opened up new horizons for CRS by rallying and leading scientific and technological railway workers to make marvelous contributions to the development, innovation and promotion of science and technology in railway industry of China, in the new circumstance of taking government transferred functions and separating government and enterprise.

He planned and organized the Symposium on the tenth anniversary of the operation of Qinghai-Tibet railway, the Construction of Urban Rail Traffic and Coordinated Development of Urbanization, 2016 China (Changsha) International Rail Transit Expo and High-speed Rail Economic Forum, and a number of other major academic activities. He initiated the Alliance of China Rail Transit Inspection and Certification (CRIC) jointly with the related units in railway industry. He is in charge of the nomination of academicians for Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering within the railway industry in China. Moreover, he has hosted the evaluation of CRS Science and Technology Award, as well as the research and compilation of standards in the field of Chinese railways. The Journal of CRS guided by him, has won Chinese 100 Distinguished Academic Journal title for several times.

 IHHA Director:
Shen Ruiyan
Photo Coming Soon Director General Locomotive and Car Department
China Railway
No. 10 Fuxing Road
Beijing, China,100844
Tel: +86 10 51841813


Mr. Shen Ruiyuan was born in 1964 and took positions as head in locomotive depot, director in locomotive division, deputy director in branch railway company. He was the deputy director general of transportation bureau and chief of locomotive division in the former Ministry of Railways. Now, he, as the chief expert of CHINA RAILWAY, works as the director general in Locomotive and Car department of CHINA RAILWAY, in full charge of the management, research, application and maintenance of locomotives and cars of the industry. Meanwhile, Mr. Shen Ruiyuan also undertakes the responsibility as the chief for Heavy Haul Committee and Traction Power Committee of China Railway Society, for Locomotive and Car Committee of China Railway Standardization Association and the Board member of IHHA (representing CHINA RAILWAY and China)

Mr. Shen Ruiyuan has been engaged in heavy haul related technologies, operation and management for more than thirty years, proving himself the establisher of heavy haul development and plan, promoter of technology research and practitioner of projects. He organized the capacity improvement of Daqin Line, directed heavy haul test with 30,000 ton load, and presided over studies as handling technology optimization, distributed power control and ECP etc., which not only greatly increase the transport volume of Daqin Line, but also push forward the improvement of heavy haul technologies. Furthermore, he advances related researches on 30-ton axle load technologies with freight dedicated lines - Wari and Menghua Lines as references to complete the China heavy haul technology system, which making great contribution to the development of heavy haul in China.

Mr. Shen Ruiyuan was graduated as the Bachelor of Engineering in locomotive and car from Central South University and had his Master of Industrial Engineering in Tsinghua University

IHHA Director:
Jean-Pierre Loubinoux
Jean-Pierre Loubinoux Director General of the International Union of Railways
16, rue Jean-Rey, F 75015
Paris, France
Tel: +33 (0) 44 49 20 20
Fax: +33 (0) 44 49 21 29
Email: [email protected]

Jean-Pierre Loubinoux was born in 1956. A graduate of the Ecole Centrale Paris, he worked at the French Foreign Trade Delegation to Hong Kong (1977) before joining French railways SNCF in 1978, where he held various responsibilities including Director of the SNCF General Delegation in North-America and Chief Executive of French Railways UK Ltd in Britain. He then joined the SNCF Freight Department where he successively managed the Coal-Steel Business Unit and the HR, Data Processing and Finance and Legal Department before being appointed Chief Executive of SNCF Freight International (2001) and from 2001 to 2009 Chairman and CEO of SNCF International and SNCF Director of International Development.

In March 2009, Jean-Pierre Loubinoux was appointed Director-General of the International Union of Railways (UIC), the worldwide association representing the rail sector and encompassing 200 railways across all the continents. His mandate was renewed at the 2010 and 2014 UIC General Assemblies and is set to run until end of 2018.

Jean-Pierre Loubinoux holds a large scope of responsibilities at international and professional level. In 2014 he was appointed as a Member of the High-level Advisory Group to the United Nations Secretary General on Sustainable Transport. He is also Member of the Chartered Institute of Transport, of the Mineta Transport Institute, and Member of the Board of the US High Speed Rail Association.

Assistant to the IHHA Director:
Bernard Schmitt
Photo Coming Soon Freight Advisor (UIC) International Union of Railways
16, rue Jean-Rey, F 75015
Paris, France
Tel: + 33 1 44 49 20 33
Email: [email protected]
 IHHA Director:
Sushant K. Mishra
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Executive Director Infra (System) Railway Board,
Ministry of Railways, Government of Inida
Room No. 101A, Ministry of Railways, Rail Bhawan
New Delha - 110001
Tel: 23389215


IHHA Director:
Victor Stepov
Photo Coming Soon General Director Railway Research Institute
3-d Mytishchinskaya Street 10
Moscow, Russia 107996
Tel: +7 495 542 61 26
Fax: +7 495 262 66 03
Email: [email protected]

Mr. Stepov started his career in 1974 by working as a lathe borer operator on Podporzhskiy experimental mechanic plant in Leningradskaya region. After serving in army and и technical college graduation he worked as a repairman, assistant driver of diesel locomotive in Pertozavodsk locomotive depot, electrician, technician, power dispatcher, deputy chief engineer, chief economist and head of economics service on Oktyaborskaya railway.    

In 2004 he was appointed Head of Oktyaborskaya railway, and 2014 the Vice-President JSC "Russian Railways".     Since Jan 2016 he has been elected as Director General of JSC “Railway Research Institute” (JSC VNIIZHT).

Assistant to the IHHA Director:
Sergey Zakharov
Photo Coming Soon Chief Researcher
JSC Railway Research Institute, "JSC VNIIZhT"
3-d Mytishchskaya Street 10
Moscow, Russia 107996
Tel: +7 495 687 6425
Fax: +7 495 687 6548
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

Dr. Sergey M. Zakharov is a mechanical engineer by education. He graduated from the Moscow Institute ( Technical University ) of Railway Transport (1959) and the Moscow State University (Mathematic ) in 1967. He has a PhD and Doctor of Technical Sciences degrees in tribology. He worked as a Chief Researcher, Head of Laboratory and Division for the Railway Research Institute, Moscow ( now SC “VNIIZhT”) for over 50 years. In In 1993 he received a title of a Professor in mechanical engineering.  In 80s and 90s he had multiple assignments for the United Nation (ILO) as an expert for railway r UNDP projects in developing countries.

His research work at the SC “VNIIZhT” for the last 25 years was in the field of wheel/rail and vehicle/track interaction and its tribology issues. He published about 200 papers (in Russian and in English) and was author and co-authors of several books on tribology aspects of railway engineering. He is an Honored Railman.

Since 1997 he actively participated in IHHA BOD activity as a participant of most IHHA BOD meetings, member of various technical committees. He presenting papers at the IHHA conferences and lecturing at workshops, reviewing conference papers and chairing conferences sessions. In 1999 he was a key organizer of the IHHA-STS Conference in Moscow.

He was one of the authors of three IHHA best practice books ( 2001. 2009, 2015) and translated / edited them for the Russian editions of these books (2002, 2012, 2017)

South Africa
IHHA Chairman
Brian Monakali
Brian Monakali Chief Engineer - BSc, Rail Network
Eng. MEng. MBA
Transnet Freight Rail
Private Bag X 47, Johnnesburg 2000, South Africa
Tel: +27 11 544 9649
Fax: +27 11 544 9183
Mobile: +27 73 273 7245
Email: [email protected]

Brian Monakali has over 19 years of work experience. He is currently working for Transnet Freight Rail, South Africa, a largest Freight logistic provider in Africa. His current role is General Manager, Capital Planning responsible for Strategic Long Term Planning and Rail Capacity Development. Previously he worked as an Executive Manager responsible for Strategic Long Term Planning. Before this he held a role of Chief Engineer responsible for rail infrastructure maintenance, which included the Coal Heavy Haul export line. Brian also worked for the Platinum mining company, Lonmin Plc, where he started as a Plant Engineer, and later moved to role of Senior Manager – Business Process Improvement. Lonmin also seconded Brian to London, UK, for period of over 3 years where he worked as Senior Manager – Strategy and Business Development.

Brian is the current Global Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Heavy Haul Association (IHHA). Brian chaired the committee that successfully hosted the 11th IHHA conference in Cape Town, 2019, which was declared as the most successfully conference in the history of IHHA.

Brian has an Electrical Engineering Degree from University of Cape Town (UCT), Masters in Industrial Engineering from Witwatersrand University (Wits), and an MBA from Wits Business School. Brian is also a qualified Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma with a track record of successfully leading a Lean Six Sigma deployment at Lonmin delivering tangible results.

Sweden/Norway (Nordic Heavy Haul Association)
IHHA Director:
Per-Olof Larsson-Kråik
Per-Olof Larsson-Kråik Adjunct Professor PHD
Swedish Transport Administration
R & D Technical Systems, Operation & Maintenance
P.O. Box 809
SE 971 25 Lulea, Sweden
Tel: +46 70 670 52 89
Mobile: +46 70 670 5289
Email: [email protected]

PhD Per-Olof Larsson-Kråik works as a senior adviser at Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administration) with R&D for Technical systems in Operation and Maintenance of Railways. He is also adjunct Professor and faculty member of Luleå University of Technology in Sweden.

He is Director and Coordinator of Nordic Heavy Haul Association, a Scandinavian non-governmental, scientific and technological association of heavy haul railways. As Research Coordinator, he has been involved in the preparation and execution of several projects in EU Framework research programs FP6, FP7 and H2020.

He has written over 90 articles and cases studies in the areas of Maintenance, Tribology, Reliability, Maintainability, Logistics, and Supportability. He has supervised several Masters and Ph.D. students at Luleå University of Technology, Uppsala University, Queensland University of Technology, and Central Queensland University. He has supervised more than 10 PhD students.

IHHA Vice-Chairman
Thor Braekkan
Thor_Brækkan Northern Region Infrastructure, Bane NOR
Mobile: +47 995 50 090
Email: [email protected]

Thor Brækkan has more than 30 years of experience in the railway industry. Throughout most of his career he has overseen the maintenance and development of rail infrastructure departments. He is currently working for Bane NOR as director for the Northern Region in the Infrastructure Division. Bane NOR is a state owned company responsible for operation, maintenance and development of the rail network in Norway. Thor has been working with the The Ofoten Line, the Norwegian part of the heavy haul line between Luleå in Sweden and Narvik in Norway, since 2003.

Thor has a masters in Civil Engineering from Luleå University of Technology in Sweden. His technical competence is mainly related to track technology.

Thor is currently the Chairman of the Nordic Heavy Haul Association, a Scandinavian non-governmental, scientific and technological association of heavy haul railways.

United States of America
IHHA Director:
Lisa Stabler
Lisa Stabler President Transportation Technology Center
P.O. Box 11130, 55500 DOT Road
Pueblo, Colorado 81001 USA
Email: [email protected]

Lisa A. Stabler was named President of TTCI in October of 2011. As President, she is responsible for all aspects of the facility and personnel, including the successful execution of the Association of American Railroads’ Strategic Research Initiative and the Federal Railroad Administration’s Task Orders. Major commercial customers include all North American Class I railroads and other organizations in South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. In addition to her duties as President of TTCI and a member of the TTCI Board of Directors, Ms. Stabler serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the Penn State Altoona Rail Transportation Engineering Program, the International Heavy Haul Association, and the World Conference on Railroad Research, and as a member of the Rail Industry Advisory Group for the National Railroad Hall of Fame. In 2017, Ms. Stabler was honored by the League of Railway Women as the 2017 Outstanding Woman of the Year.