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2011- Calgary, Canada "Railroading in Extreme Environments"


Heavy Haul Track Workshop

This workshop focused on the subject matter contained in the second IHHA best practice publication, Guidelines to Best Practices for Heavy haul Railway Operations: Infrastructure Construction and Maintenance Issues, which was presented at the 2009 conference in Shanghai.

A total of 80 individuals registered for the workshop, 73 of whom were able to attend all or a portion of the two-day event. The $550 CAD registration fee entitled participants to a copy of the best practice book and a handout that contained copies of all of the slides used in the workshop, along with the biographies of the lecturers.

Fifteen recognized leaders in their respective fields developed the 19 modules presented in the workshop. Eleven of those individuals, as well as other non-presenting workshop participants, were recognized as authors of portions of the second best practice book.

Discussion was excellent in connection with each presentation, limited only by time available in the schedule. Attendees overwhelmingly attested to the value and benefits they received from the workshop.

Fourth Workshop - “Maintenance and Upgrading Bridges” June 1-3, 2002
The Fourth workshop on “Maintenance and Upgrading Bridges” was held at the Royal Swazi Sun Convention Centre, Ezulwini Valley, Swaziland. Three post Conference tours were then conducted; two to bridges in South Africa and one in Zimbabwe.

Third Workshop - “Maintenance of Way and Train Ops - Balancing the Conflicts” June 9-12, 1991
A joint IHHA/TRB workshop on “Maintenance of Way and Train Operations - Balancing the Conflicts” was held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Post Conference tours were made to the BCR and CNR in the Prince Rupert region by one group and another group paralleled CP Rail to Calgary to inspect the MacDonald tunnel project and many other interesting engineering feats en route.

Second Workshop - “Heavy Axle Loads” October 14-17, 1990
A joint IHHA/AAR workshop on “Heavy Axle Loads” was held at the Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Centre in Pueblo, Colorado, United States of America. This included a one-half day inspection of the track and equipment used by the AAR at the nearby Transportation Test Centre. In addition to the AAR update of experiences with the 125 ton cars at the 160 MGT level there were papers from Mt Newman Mining of Australia and UIC in regard to heavy axle loads.

First Workshop - October 31 to November 1, 1988
IHHA ‘s first workshop was held at the Friendship Hotel in Beijing, Peoples Republic of China. The subject matter related to Air Brakes for Heavy Haul Trains. There were 69 delegates in attendance. During the workshop one-half day was devoted to a tour of the Peoples Republic of China Academy of Railway Sciences laboratories and the test track loop. Subsequent to the workshop there was a two day train tour to Datong and return to view the coal loading and yarding operations at Datong and view the coal train operation en route.