Here's just a small sampling of the technical conferences we have held over the past 40 years.


2017 - Cape Town, South Africa

“Advancing Heavy Haul Technologies and Operations in a Changing World”

The International Heavy Haul Association (IHHA), in partnership with Transnet and the South African Heavy Haul Association (SAHHA), hosted its 11th International Heavy Haul Conference, on 02 – 06 September 2017, at the prestigious Cape Town International Convention Centre, South Africa.    Over a thousand delegates from 35 countries attended this outstanding event

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2015 - Perth, Australia

“Operational Excellence”

The 11th International Heavy Haul Association Conference was held 21 - 24 June 2015 in Perth, Western Australia at the world class facilities of the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre with a theme of “Operational Excellence.

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2013 - New Delhi, India

“Capacity Building Through Heavy Haul Operations”

The IHHA 10th International Conference in New Delhi, India on February 4 - 6, 2013 was an outstanding success. Congratulations to the Co-Chairmen, Ranjan Jain, Advisor, Ministry of Railways, India and Semih Kalay, Sr. Vice President, Technology, Transportation Technology Center, Inc. USA and the small cohesive team of Indian Railway officers. The conference was attended by 676 delegates from 21 countries. The theme was "Sustaining Heavy Haul Operations by Best Practices."

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2011 - Calgary, Canada

“Excellence in Heavy Haul Operations”

The 2011 IHHA specialist technical session (STS) was held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on the theme of Railroading in Extreme Conditions.  The conference was oversubscribed for an STS, with 604 delegates from 27 different countries, who chose from 4 parallel streams totaling 110 oral presentations of papers and 52 posters.  A trade exhibition running in parallel to the conference had booths from 42 different exhibitors from the supply and services community around the world.   Delegates had the opportunity to visit the host Canadian Pacific’s yard and  intermodal facilities and the Network Management Centre and to travel through mountain railroading territory to British Columbia aboard a vintage steam train.

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2009 - Shanghai, People’s republic of China

“Heavy Haul and Innovation Development”

TIn 2009, the Ministry of the Railway of the People's Republic of China hosted the Ninth International Heavy Haul Association Conference.  The conference was held in Shanghai, China from June 22-25 of the same year. The conference focused on "Heavy Haul and Innovation Development," and carried out subject discussions on heavy haul transport and economy development, heavy haul locomotive technology, heavy haul vehicle technology, heavy haul train control and communication technology, heavy haul transport organization and management technology, heavy haul cab signaling technology, electrification technology for heavy haul lines, environmental protection of heavy haul, heavy haul train simulating calculation and testing, maintenance and engineering technology for heavy haul track. The conference reflected the latest development of international heavy haul technology and is marked as an important achievement of this event.

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