Heavy Haul of Fame Recipient - 2009


Greg zhixiu,

Mr. Geng Zhixiu was elected to the Haul of Fame at the 9th IHHA conference held June 22-24, 2009 in Shanghai, China.

Mr. Geng is the key person for China’s heavy haul technology, the academic pacesetter for railway heavy haul and electrification technologies. He has been directly involved with the Datong-Qinhuangdao coal line since its inception. It opened in 2002 with a design capacity of 100 million tonnes. It has expanded its capacity ever since and reached 340 million tonnes in 2008, the largest traffic volume in the world. Mr. Geng has won numerous Engineering and Achievement awards and is very worthy of being China’s first Haul of Fame recipient.

耿志秀先生於2009年6月22日至24日在中國上海舉行的第9屆IHHA會議上當選為名人堂。 耿先生是中國重載技術的關鍵人物,是鐵路重載和電氣化技術的學術標兵。自成立以來,他直接參與了大秦煤礦的生產線。它於2002年開業,設計產能為1億噸。自那以後,它已經擴大了產能,2008年達到了3.4億噸,是世界上最大的交通量。耿先生贏得了眾多工程和成就獎,非常值得成為中國第一位獲得成功的人。