Our members are key to all we do and come from the key heavy haul associations across the world.

The members of the IHHA

The membership of the IHHA consists of national and state organisations, private railway systems, and railway organisations and advocates interested in furthering the exchange of technical information that will benefit the world's heavy haul rail operations.

At the present time the membership of the IHHA is as follows:

  • Australia - Aurizon (East Coast), Rio Tinto (West Coast)

  • Brazil - VALE Companhia Do Rio Doce

  • Canada - Railway Association of Canada, Iron Moustache Consulting

  • China People's Republic of China - China Academy of Railway Sciences, China Railway

  • France - International Union of Railways (UIC)

  • India - Indian Railways, Ministry of Railways

  • Norway - Nordic Heavy Haul Association

  • Russia - Russian Railway Research Institute (JSC VNIIZhT)

  • South Africa - Transnet Freight Rail

  • Sweden - Nordic Heavy Haul Association

  • United States of America - AAR Transportation Technology Center (TTCI)

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