IHHA Director - China

Ma Fuhai.jpg

Ma Fuhai
Secretary General CRS
China Railway Society (CRS)
No. 10 Fuxing Road, Haidian District
Beijing, China, 100844
Tel: +86 10 51841691
Fax: +86 10 51847402
Email: malin@ccbtrust.com.cn

Ma Fuhai,

Taking office in July 2015 as vice Chairman and Secretary General, CRS, aligned with the overall goal of railway reform and development, Mr. Ma has made significant breakthroughs and opened up new horizons for CRS by rallying and leading scientific and technological railway workers to make marvelous contributions to the development, innovation and promotion of science and technology in railway industry of China, in the new circumstance of taking government transferred functions and separating government and enterprise.

He planned and organized the Symposium on the tenth anniversary of the operation of Qinghai-Tibet railway, the Construction of Urban Rail Traffic and Coordinated Development of Urbanization, 2016 China (Changsha) International Rail Transit Expo and High-speed Rail Economic Forum, and a number of other major academic activities. He initiated the Alliance of China Rail Transit Inspection and Certification (CRIC) jointly with the related units in railway industry. He is in charge of the nomination of academicians for Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering within the railway industry in China. Moreover, he has hosted the evaluation of CRS Science and Technology Award, as well as the research and compilation of standards in the field of Chinese railways. The Journal of CRS guided by him, has won Chinese 100 Distinguished Academic Journal title for several times.