IHHA Director - China

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Shen Ruiyan
Director General Locomotive and Car Department
China Railway
No. 10 Fuxing Road
Beijing, China,100844
Tel: +86 10 51841813

Shen Ruiyan

Mr. Shen Ruiyuan was born in 1964 and took positions as head in locomotive depot, director in locomotive division, deputy director in branch railway company. He was the deputy director general of transportation bureau and chief of locomotive division in the former Ministry of Railways. Now, he, as the chief expert of CHINA RAILWAY, works as the director general in Locomotive and Car department of CHINA RAILWAY, in full charge of the management, research, application and maintenance of locomotives and cars of the industry. Meanwhile, Mr. Shen Ruiyuan also undertakes the responsibility as the chief for Heavy Haul Committee and Traction Power Committee of China Railway Society, for Locomotive and Car Committee of China Railway Standardization Association and the Board member of IHHA (representing CHINA RAILWAY and China)

Mr. Shen Ruiyuan has been engaged in heavy haul related technologies, operation and management for more than thirty years, proving himself the establisher of heavy haul development and plan, promoter of technology research and practitioner of projects. He organized the capacity improvement of Daqin Line, directed heavy haul test with 30,000 ton load, and presided over studies as handling technology optimization, distributed power control and ECP etc., which not only greatly increase the transport volume of Daqin Line, but also push forward the improvement of heavy haul technologies. Furthermore, he advances related researches on 30-ton axle load technologies with freight dedicated lines - Wari and Menghua Lines as references to complete the China heavy haul technology system, which making great contribution to the development of heavy haul in China.

Mr. Shen Ruiyuan was graduated as the Bachelor of Engineering in locomotive and car from Central South University and had his Master of Industrial Engineering in Tsinghua University.