IHHA joins CSC in opening Heavy Haul Railway Technical Research Center, Taiyuan City, China

On 26th October 2018, IHHA’s Chairman and a number of Board Members participated in the opening of CSC’s Heavy Haul Railway Technical Research Centre on the 30th Anniversary of Dagin Heavy Haul Railway’s opening at the invition of Mr. Ma and Mr. Shen.

At the session, a number of presentations were made including:

  • “Future Strategic Direction of IHHA - moving Heavy Haulers from Good to Great”, by Brian Monakali, Chairman IHHA

  • Update on North American Heavy Haul Activities”,
    by Lisa Stabler, Director IHHA USA

The IHHA would like to Thank Mr. Ma, and Mr. Shen for inviting IHHA to be part of this occasion, and give us an opportunity to speak at such a prestigious occasion. We appreciate the hospitality given by Chinese team.

Said Brian Monakali, Chairman of the IHHA, “ I would like to congratulate CRS for hosting such an impactful session to promote heavy hauling, and to congratulate them for the Inauguration of the Heavy Haul Railway Technical Research Center, with Mr Shen as Chairman. This will go a long way towards promoting Heavy Haul developments in China and globally.”

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